Jonathan Kelly

Well it certainly has been a manic couple of weeks ….

The Red, White and Blue by Jonathan Kelly
The Red, White and Blue by Jonathan Kelly

I had great plans to get this site up and running, and even to get both my site (this one), and my husbands ( both translated and running in French. But what have I actually got done?    Very little ….

There is however a good reason.  Jonathan was booked for a gallery, and since it was his first exhibition we were completely at a loss as to where to start, what to do and what was expected of us!

Luckily the gallery were experienced!  Zambezi One had the opening of another exhibition just two weeks earlier, so we went to that so we could find out what to expect.  We then had to deliver the paintings the following week, and the week after was the opening of his.  Unfortunately we had an issue with one of the fames, so we were back there again the following week …. this is why I have not got any of my stuff done ….

I have just managed to get the links up on his site for buying the paintings – hopefully we will have something to celebrate next month and a couple more pennies in the pot!