Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories


We are living under the shadow of another collapse. It seems that the markets do still have up days, but the down days are just larger and impossible to catch up from. So where does that leave us all? The truth is that we may all find that the world gets a little bit harder; but being harder does not mean giving up everything. In fact it means the opposite. I do not push the idea that we need to spend to restart the economy, I am talking about us little people. If our lives are going to change then we need to change with them. We also have to redefine what living is.

What Does Quality of Life Mean to You?

We all had ideas when we were growing up about how our lives would be. To many of us it turned out a lot different. To me quality of life is smiling. Being surrounded by people and things which make me happy.

Why Do I Make Hair Accessories?

When my eldest son was born I decided to change my life. I gave up the rat race job, I learnt to live of a faction of what I had previously had and I gave up everything which was a luxury. Then I discovered that we all need a little something. I realised that it was important for me to still have to odd item which was special. I wanted things which would make me smile, which I would use, wear or look and and have a warm glow inside from. It look me years to realise that you can give up too much. I started making hair accessories because I have long hair and I was not prepared to spend money on buying anything for me. The first one I made is still a favourite, it has a green ribbon with two green beads on it and is hand whittled out of chestnut wood. Green is my eldest sons favourite colour and he said it was pretty. If I did not wear it he would ask why. Suddenly this hair accessory had a meaning. It was special to me because not only had I made it from scratch, and loved it, but he liked me having something he thought was pretty.

What Makes a Hair Accessory Beautiful?

I am a bit of a nature lover, especially wood. I love the look and feel of it and the fact that no two pieces can ever be the same. All my hair accessories are hand whittled and treated with organic oils . The decoration on them is harder, I look and the wood and decide how detailed an embelishment I think the wood demands. I like to be reminded that I am wearing something cool and special, so they often tinkle slightly as the beads or embellishments gently touch. It is a way to feel special all day, even when the day is going downhill. There is a hippy and student stuck inside me who never goes away and she love these girlish accessories.

Why should every Girl have a Special Hair Accessory?

The answer is easy, because one beautiful thing which has a feel good factor is worth a million other accessories which mean nothing and generate no emotion. Times are tough, money is tight, a good vibe can change your day.