The Odd

My life never seems to be simple.  I try everyday to focus on the most important parts of life, of the aspects which have real meaning; but I find I am easily distracted.

I live in the most amazing place.  My children think the sunrises look post-apocalyptic, the burning oranges and fluorescent pinks are overwhelming.  We have so little water in summer that the ground is like concrete, and we have only just enough rain in winter to soften the ground and give the kids some puddles to cycle through.  Apart from the wind there is little that I would change about this region.  Do not get me wrong, this is not my forever-place.  I will be moving!  I love the scenery and I adore the space and easy flat roads for cycling, but I miss the buzz of a city.  I need some more pollution in my life.  Being a Londoner is something which never leaves a person.  We can travel all around the world, but everything, consciously or subconsciously is compared to London.  Many expats in France are happy living in or within reach or a village.  I have tried this, and it simply is not for me.  I was determined to give village life a fair go, and I did.  For three years we lived in a Gascony village, spoke the same people regularly, and attended all the required events; I really did try.

So how do I feel living in a nearly perfect place and not wanting to stay?  Well sometimes I feel a little ungrateful, but at the end of the day we all need to follow our own paths and sometimes they take us to unexpected places.  I do not know where I am going but I do know that I am not ready to stand still yet.

Perhaps I just have itchy feet ….

Or maybe I am looking for something which I cannot define?

The real questions is: will I ever stop moving?  The answer to that is almost definitely NO.  I dream of a forever home a house I will fall in love with and never want to leave …. But I just do not think that I will ever feel like that about some bricks and mortar.

So if a building cannot capture my heart and stop me from moving what will …. when I find the answer I promise that you will be the first to know it!