I like coasters.  I know that they can be seen as a little old fashioned, but the reason that they have stood the test of time is because they are fundamentally a very sensible and essential item.  Now I have got that off my chest, and have probably been declared out of touch by some people I can enter into the explanation of why we should all use coasters.

Leaving cups all around the house ….

This is a serious problem in this house, or at least it was until the reintroduction of the coaster.  The thing about modern living is that we are always doing more than one thing at a time.  We check our facebook newsfeed while drinking our coffee, our emails over tea, we even read our post standing up (often near a bin so that most of it can go to its rightly place promptly).  The coaster is a way of grounding us.  We sit down to a cup of tea, and we sit where we have put the coaster.  Yes, this may be next to the computer, but at least it is near a surface and a seat.  Over time in our house all the coasters migrated back to the dining table.  This is partly because the table is so long that it is the best place to store them, but we also found that by putting the coasters there we actually sat more together, had a cup of tea/coffee (on a coaster) and then got up and back to our respective works after.  So a coaster can make you more sociable.  We still have cups around the house, but we mostly drink our hot drinks together around a tea pot with a cosy and cups on coasters.

Pretty little things …

I am always cleaning, no exaggeration, it is an on going project which I will never get to the end of.  It is however, great to have some pretty things to put on the clean surfaces.  Also as long as their are attractive things on said surfaces it slowed down the mysterious self growing piles of lego which appear to spread out side of my sons bedroom.  I would be lying if I did not admit that there are times when coasters and other mats have been turned into battle grounds and divides for armies, but generally the little decorative touches are more respected than an empty place waiting to be filled.

IMG_3205 IMG_3204 IMG_3203

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Practical and pretty things …

I love to crochet, in case you hadn’t realised.  But I also know that sometimes the products, are too flimsey to be really good at what they are supposed to be, the coaster is a prime example of this.  I have lovely pretty coasters, which are great in summer for long cool drinks, but they are totally crappy in winter against hot cups on tables.  So the answer is to have a range of options available, thin and pretty for cool drinks and tough as nails for hot ones.  The thin and pretty are definitely more fun to crochet, but the others are probably used more in this house.  Also the thin and pretty do not wear as well.  They look good when they are older, but the tough as nails – they look great.

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How to make coasters …

I make my cool glass coasters out of wool, but the heat ones, I make out of string.  Every time I swear that I will never make another string coaster as each one leaves blisters on my fingers, but like child birth one forgets and starts another set.  I have recently been stocking up on these for my shop.  This was inspired by my mother.  She was admiring what she had initially thought to be a pattern cork mat, and on checking had turned out to be something completely different.  She could not actually work out what she was holding.  It was in fact a string crochet tea pot coaster.  I had knocked over some string in the garage and had to re-roll it up, it was not a huge ball and I wondered what on earth I was going to do with it – so I crocheted it!  The resulting mat has been used day in and day out for the last five years, it is now completely matted together and the stitches have formed and amazing pattern.  My mothers wonderment at this simple item made from abandoned string inspired me to do some more.  I hope that who ever ends up buying them will keep them going long enough to see the changes.