Christmas Stockings

Christmas can be stressful, and for me each year is about trying to avoid that stress.  There are many ways to refocus ones attention at Christmas, decorating and crafting are definitely ways I choose.

So what I have made this year?

When unpacking the Christmas decorations I was a little disappointed  to not find the kids Christmas stockings, so that was the first thing which needed to be made.  I was really please with how these came out.

Next I was told off by my youngest for not putting a wreath on the door this year.  I always do a wreath and actually have no idea why I had not bothered to do so this year.  I only really discovered his disappointment about the wreath because he was walking with my husband and commented how sad it was that we did not have one and all the other houses did! So a Christmas wreath was promptly constructed and added to the door.  (Certainly not my best wreath – but a case of something is better than nothing 😉  )

Candle decorations are also a regular in our house, but this year I gave that task to the boys.  They created ramakins covered in red and gold beads and decorated our coffee table with these – delegation and success!

There are two things left to do.  The mantle piece needs some Christmas cheer, and I have not yet created a centre piece or the dining room table – so with three days to go I think I will be focusing on these now.