New Friends

There are so many times when we need to be ready to commit and do not quite feel up to it, so what is the best action when this situation arises?


TALK, TALK and TALK some more!!!!

I have a friend in the village who has embarked on a new project, she is making jewelry (more about her to come), and she, via facebook introduced me to someone she met on a course.  This person, through simply being herself managed to kick my little (but not as little as I would like) derriere into action.  How?  Well she simply suggested that I should do what I already knew that I had to do.  A very simple piece of advice, but the fact was that once I had admitted to not doing it, and said that I would, I had managed to impose enough pressure on myself to get moving.

So my point is, if you know what you need to do, but just cannot get moving on it; talk about.  Once it is out there in the open, it is so much more real that a plan in your head.

I often complain that social media is destroying society, but there are ways to use it to grow as a person, as a business and also to gain confidence and to discover that even people you do not know can be supportive.


I have since met the lady and she is lovely.  Yesterday I went to a fair where she had a stall, as did my friend and the standard was so high it was terrifying, but it was wonderful to meet people who were inspired and talented and prepared to walk the walk.