Getting started…

This is the first post on this website and it is proving strangely difficult to write…

When arriving in France I really did not know what lay in store, but over the last 4 years we have rediscovered what is important to us and how we want to live.  One of the side affects of this is that when we want/need something the first thing we think is “can we make that?”  It has proved a great way for the kids to learn!  When the kids now say “there is no where to put it”, in reference to items scattered across their bedroom floor,  we now ask whether they would prefer a bag or box for it.  Boxes in this family are made by my husband, bags are made by me.


So we changed how we were living, unfortunately the rest of the world was doing the same thing.  Our business had primarily been based in the USA, and they were no longer spending as they had before, QE may have put money on the books, but from an advertising point of view it didn’t work.  People didn’t have as much money, they weren’t buying, merchants weren’t needing advertising, …. one big game of disastrous dominoes 🙁


Then I met a friend!!! She is the ‘paper side’ of this venture, we are not going to suddenly become the next success stories of the South West of France, but we are hoping to share some of the stuff we have made with people outside of our families – and we are definitely going to have fun doing it.  Making money would be good, but having fun AND making a little bit of spending money would be PERFECT.

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