The Book

I have a lot to say, I probably have an opinion on just about everything ….. since I cannot talk unendingly to my friends I need a larger audience, hence “The Book”.

I have already tried lots of titles in my head, but at the moment I cannot quite decide which one to go with, hopefully when I hit on the correct one I will know and stop worrying about it.

I have written books before, but usually hidden my name and identity, this time I am thinking of owning up to it.  It is a book about the things which I have learnt and which have hugely improved my life.  It is a pity that I did not have these lessons drummed into me at an early age.  Unfortunately I am from a generation who were somewhat abandoned by our parents.  They may have been in the building, and even in our lives, but they did not pass on the information from their parents.  I believe that this was because I was brought up during the boom years.  No one thought that the austerity which is now being rammed down our throats was in fact just around the corner …. we are a generation who have lost skills, have been brought up with false hope and we are only just beginning to realise this.

“The Book” is going to be some of the lessons which I think we all should know and we should be teaching to everyone around us.  Austerity does not need to be painful, it can be brilliant and I intend to show the world (or the one or two people who read the book) that austerity is the best thing that could happen to the next generation.  I do not believe in suffering or hardship, but even more, I do not believe in being a slave or living the life someone else thinks I should ….