It is summer, and hot!  On the days when we do not go swimming we sometimes need to find a cool place to sit: the Halle in the centre of town is great for this.

I know that my kids have to be computer literate in this age, but it is easy to keep them occupied by allowing them to sit in front of a screen.  Parenting is hard.  I accept that before the age of 24 hour kids programs on television, and personal computers then children may have suffered from boredom.  Now they are not bored, just slightly brainwashed.  I love getting the kids into the swimming pool or out just doing what kids should be doing.  Crafting is high on our list of distractions, but I am not sure that anything beats being outside in summer.

We had been shopping for school supplies yesterday morning, which is very stressful.  After a quick lunch we headed for the Halle and here a video which I made: