I have lots of bits and bobs to put up on my little etsy shop (etsy.com/papieretlaine) but I just cannot take decent photos so they I have not put them up.

Then there is my husbands website, he is a great photographer, but his photos of his paintings need to be taken in daylight and not direct sunlight.  Should be easy, afterall we live in the South of France, sun is not the problem.  The problem is finding enough time to get them down the stairs onto the terrace when the light is right and getting a decent picture.  Also it takes at least two people to man handle them down the stairs as they are rather large and rather heavy!!!!

Today the kids have gone back to school and I have realised quite how trashed our house is, so I have just spent the last hour sitting on the floor of their bedroom sorting lego from magnetics, and cars, and brio, and kapla and trying to get them all back into their proper homes, not a pleasant task at all, and one which I should definitely do more often as it has taken way too long.

In addition to my failure to my failure to take decent photos, help my husband and keep the kids room tidy, I have for some totally insane reason agreed to write a book this month!  That must have been a complete moment of insanity!  I have opened up a web page on how to write a plot, but I have not actually got round to reading the advice, yet another thing for my list.