Noddy Booties

The last couple of months have been rather stressful, I am still not exactly sure why …. but one thing I do know for definite – I have got very little to no crafting done!

I need to get my very basic shop going.  This is something which I REALLY want to do, but also something which I NEED to do.  Money is tight and my mood is much more stable and together when I am producing things.

I wanted to get back into the flow of things with something cute which would make me smile.  I looked at lots of patterns and nothing exactly hit the mark.  So I decided to go my usual route and to create a pattern which made me smile.

I have always been a fan of Noddy, partly because my maiden name was only one letter different, and when asked to spell it (which was surprisingly often for such a straight forward name) the answer was ¨like Noddy but with an R¨ so I returned to this favored character for inspiration.  Soon after the Noddy boot was created.IMG_2776reddercrop


This boot is a simple bold red.  Noddy´s boots actually had a `hole´ in the front, through which you could see a bit of skin, I decided to add a tongue to my boots as I thought they would be a little warming on a winters day.  Noddy also had black laces, I replaced these with white.  I tried the black ones, but they just did not have the exact `cute´ factor I was looking for.  So here are the results!

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