Les Rêves de Rose

Rose has become a firm friend over the last year, of all the people I have met since living in France she is one of the most welcoming and she has been hugely generous with her time.  Not only does she include me, but she also corrects my french 😉

Rose is a formidable woman, she knows her own mind and has the strength and determination to see things through, these are the qualities which will make her new business a success.

roseWhen I first found out what she was doing I thought it may just be something on the side which she was testing out, but she has created a full time business.

I went to see her at her first Vide Grenier, it was a cold, grey day and she was still smiling.  The other stall were not crafters, but people clearing out their homes and trying to make a few euros at the same time.  It was her first attempt, and she smiled the whole way through and look away alot of lessons.

I have just been to see her at different fair.  This one was for crafters, it was all hand made and the standard was amazingly high – here she fitted in perfectly.  Her stall was as beautifully prepared as the wonderful creations she was selling.  Her business cards were carefully arranged, there was nothing to fault.

My biggest disappointment about what I saw today was that not enough people will see it.  There was a room full of talented people and they all had something special to offer to society.  Their products were leagues ahead of the mass produced items which we are bombarded with.   We may not all be as talented and skilled as these ladies, but we can certainly all support them.

Please visit Les Reves de Rose and see some of the beautiful jewelry which is made with attention to detail and each and everyone is different, just like the individuals who will end up wearing them.