This weekend Auch was host to a craft fair.  I had promised to attend, but was not sure what to expect.

We arrived during lunch, even after 5 years in France I still forget that most things close for time, but luckily the fair was open all day.  The advantage of arriving at lunch time was that we practically had the place to ourselves, which gave us a good opportunity to nose around all the stalls.

Immediately on the left on entering in the room we found Ema-Sacs.  I had seen photos of these before, but the real life ones are much better.  The colours are brighter and the range of textiles used are wonderful.

I am a big fan of sturdy bags, I am the sort of person who inspects a bag before buying.  Is it big enough for me to throw my books and crochet in at the same time.  Can it take being thrown in the back of the car when you ask your kids to `put´ it in the car?  Basically I love practical bags!  These bags were brilliantly made (I had a good look), they were properly edged and seamed.  The textile were the right for the designs of the bags.  There is nothing more irritating than a bag which looks sturdy but is not!  The bags were not only well made and pretty, but a lot of thought had gone into each design; they each had a purpose and they were made with that in mind.  Impressed is an understatement.


Here are a couple of the bags made by Wendy for her Ema-Sacs business, you can see more of her creations on Facebook at Ema-Sacs (there is a website coming, so watch this space for the link):


Of course she does just more than just this style.  Wendy does some amazingly delicate and pretty bags and collections, one day I will be the organised lady who will be able to carry them with confidence.  The summer fabrics could cheer up even the most grey of days.  Whether you are looking for delicate pinks, bold reds or summery blues, this is a stall which is guaranteed to attract your attention and with so many wonderful items, making a choice is pretty difficult.