Crochet is a great hobby, for so many different reasons.  Firstly, it is completely quiet, while the world hurries passed you can sit and silently create without disturbing a soul.  With crochet you can create warm, comforting items or detailed and delicate laces; to me it is far more versatile than knitting (but I am slightly bias as I can’t knit).

Crochet is not my only craft, I love to sew as well, however, I rarely use patterns and often feel that I have to get my sewing done as fast as possible as there are always other calls on my time.  I cannot take my sewing machine to the park to watch the kids, I cannot watch a film with them while sewing, but I can do these things while I crochet; hence my sewing is limited until my kids get older and more independent.  The result of this is that I decorate my hastily made sewing items with crochet applique (which is also great for hiding little errors 😉  )

Learning to crochet is not hard, the hardest thing is sticking it out when your first square ends up without a right angled corner in sight.  Please note that this is NORMAL…. seriously, anyone who crochets will tell you that the turn should be easy, but it is just as easy to add or miss a stitch, and the then you end up with wobbly edges.  Panic not – these ‘test’ squares still make great cleaning cloths 🙂